On Tuesday, April 21st, over 60 WIE Staff, Board members, Advisors, Champions, members and their guests celebrated, networked and shopped at the Cotswold MarketPlace Design Center.  If was also a chance for us to introduce to the WIE community Charlotte's 42nd Postmaster, Le Gretta-Ross Rollins.  Le Gretta is responsible for approximately 1,143 employees and 24 retail stations and carrier units across our community.

We were entertained by saxophonist, Will Lee, who provided music for the occasion.  More about Will Lee HERE!

WIE would like to express its appreciation to Melissa Vandiver and the staff at the Cotswold MarketPlace for providing the atmosphere and refreshments for this wonderful event. You can find more about the Cotswold MarketPlace on their FaceBook page.

 Photographs by Cynthia Mitchell
Classic Heirloom Images

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Make Our Mark - Women Leading Change Around the Globe

Joseph's ExchangeYou've seen them draped around the necks of our distinguished guests and speakers, now it's time to own one yourself. Beth Resler Walters of Shibui Silks designed & created this beautiful silk depiction of our organization. These handmade scarves, each unique as you, are 14"x 72" and cost $75. A portion of the proceeds comes right back to WIE! Celebrate yourself, your mentee, or Women's History Month with a WIE Scarf! See SHIBUI SILKS on Facebook or Email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

WIE Scarf


Back By Popular Demand!

Part Two: Dialogue on "Men Who Get It When Women Lead" 

The Elephant in The Room Series!

A multicultural panel of men and women who get it!
(Click on picture to view their BIO)

Ann Caulkins
Ann Caulkins

The Charlotte Observer
Manuel Rey
Manuel Rey

Fifth Third Bank
Terry Shook
Terry Shook, FAIA

Shook Kelley
James Taylor
Dr. James Taylor

Carolinas HealthCare System
Nick Wharton
Nick Wharton

Urban League of Central Carolinas
Chair, WIE Champions

Photo of Panelists from 2014 Multi-Cultural Conference

Panel Photo

(l-r): Dr. James Taylor - Carolinas HealthCare System; Charles Bowman - Bank of America; Venessa Harrison - AT&T North Carolina; Manuel Rey - Fifth Third Bank and Nick Wharton - Urban League of Central Carolinas


Tuesday January 27, 2015

Levine Museum for the New South
200 East 7th Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Worth Financial


Urban League
Program Sponsor

Presented by WIE Champions
Men Championing Diversity and Gender Equity


Enjoy the Pictures from the 2014 Conference

WIE Conf 2014 --001
WIE Conf 2014--002
WIE Conf 2014--004
WIE Conf 2014--005
WIE Conf 2014--006
WIE Conf 2014--008
WIE Conf 2014--010
WIE Conf 2014--011
WIE Conf 2014--012
WIE Conf 2014--013
WIE Conf 2014--014
WIE Conf 2014--016
WIE Conf 2014--017
WIE Conf 2014--018
WIE Conf 2014--019
WIE Conf 2014--022
WIE Conf 2014--026
WIE Conf 2014--029
WIE Conf 2014--031
WIE Conf 2014--032
WIE Conf 2014--033
WIE Conf 2014--034
WIE Conf 2014--035
WIE Conf 2014--036
WIE Conf 2014--037
WIE Conf 2014--038
WIE Conf 2014--041
WIE Conf 2014--042
WIE Conf 2014--044
WIE Conf 2014--047
WIE Conf 2014--049
WIE Conf 2014--056
WIE Conf 2014--059
WIE Conf 2014--060
WIE Conf 2014--061
WIE Conf 2014--062
WIE Conf 2014--063
WIE Conf 2014--065
WIE Conf 2014--069
WIE Conf 2014--072
WIE Conf 2014--073
WIE Conf 2014--074
WIE Conf 2014--075
WIE Conf 2014--076
WIE Conf 2014--077
WIE Conf 2014--078
WIE Conf 2014--079
WIE Conf 2014--081
WIE Conf 2014--082
WIE Conf 2014--083
WIE Conf 2014--084
WIE Conf 2014--085
WIE Conf 2014--086
WIE Conf 2014--087
WIE Conf 2014--088
WIE Conf 2014--089
WIE Conf 2014--090
WIE Conf 2014--092
WIE Conf 2014--094
WIE Conf 2014--095
WIE Conf 2014--096
WIE Conf 2014--103
WIE Conf 2014--105
WIE Conf 2014--107
WIE Conf 2014--108
WIE Conf 2014--109
WIE Conf 2014--110
WIE Conf 2014--111
WIE Conf 2014--113
WIE Conf 2014--114
WIE Conf 2014--115
WIE Conf 2014--116
WIE Conf 2014--117
WIE Conf 2014--119
WIE Conf 2014--120
WIE Conf 2014--124
WIE Conf 2014--125
WIE Conf 2014--126
WIE Conf 2014--128
WIE Conf 2014--129
WIE Conf 2014--130
WIE Conf 2014--131
WIE Conf 2014--137
WIE Conf 2014--139
WIE Conf 2014--142
WIE Conf 2014--143
WIE Conf 2014--144
WIE Conf 2014--145
WIE Conf 2014--146
WIE Conf 2014--147
WIE Conf 2014--154
WIE Conf 2014--155
WIE Conf 2014--156
WIE Conf 2014--157
WIE Conf 2014--162
WIE Conf 2014--163
WIE Conf 2014--167
WIE Conf 2014--168
WIE Conf 2014--169
WIE Conf 2014--170
WIE Conf 2014--171
WIE Conf 2014--172
WIE Conf 2014--173
WIE Conf 2014--174
WIE Conf 2014--175
WIE Conf 2014--176
WIE Conf 2014--179
WIE Conf 2014--181
WIE Conf 2014--184
WIE Conf 2014--189
WIE Conf 2014--190
WIE Conf 2014--196
WIE Conf 2014--197
WIE Conf 2014--198
WIE Conf 2014--199
WIE Conf 2014--200
WIE Conf 2014--210
WIE Conf 2014--211
WIE Conf 2014--212
WIE Conf 2014--216
WIE Conf 2014--217
WIE Conf 2014--218
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